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WWE Project Safety Support

Client: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission


Service: Health and Safety 

Staff: Jermaine Coffman

JHCE is providing SFPUC with safety oversight on multiple construction projects on an ongoing basis.  Current projects are located at the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant, West Side Pump Station, Northshore Pump Station, and the Southeast Treatment Plant. Providing project safety support to the Department of Public Works Construction Management Personnel, Contractors, and Treatment Plant Personnel. JHCE is currently performing Health & Safety Plan reviews before project commencement, conducting Mandatory Safety Advertisements with Site Safety Representatives and Project Managers of General Contractors, and reviewing Activity Hazard Analyses/Job Hazard Analyses, as required by applicable Cal/OSHA and other regulations. JHCE conducts routine project site visits to identify H&S-related positive observations and potential H&S non-conformances, addressing any situations immediately dangerous to life and health as they occur and maintaining safety-related documents, safety metrics, incident reports, and other safety-related records submitted by the Contractor.

Current Projects include:

J52-04 OSP Trinet Digester Lining and Coating

JOC 53-18 OSP011 Thickened Primary Sludge Pumping Improvement 

JOC 89-01 SEP 930 Server Room Equipment Installation

OSP MF Membrane Preservation

WW-639 OSP Digester Gas Utilization Upgrades


WW-648 Primary Clarifier WW-639 Grit Clarifier

WW-669 OSP - Grit Classifier & Primary Influent Slide Gates Improvement

WW-710 - Primary Clarifier

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