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SFO Shoreline Inspection & Emergency Response Planning

Client: San Francisco International Airport


Service: Climate Change & Resiliency

Staff: Joe Hill, Christine Ko & Carly Parsons

JHCE performed enhanced visual inspection of SFO shoreline assets to assess vulnerability to extreme events (flooding, earthquake, etc.).  Features assessed included riprap density, size & condition, presence of vegetation & sediment, exposed soils, slopes, and seepage.  JHCE developed reporting format for annual monitoring and created GIS maps for visualizing shoreline ratings.

JHCE also performed literature review to collect documents relevant to the protection of the SFO shoreline including planning and design documents, inspection reports, and maintenance plans. Additional documents included USACE, FEMA, and Homeland Security recommendations for addressing emergencies and developing emergency action plans. JHCE interviewed SFO Engineering and other stakeholders to develop Shoreline Engineering Emergency Action Plan (SEEAP) by describing roles and responsibilities, establishing decision criteria, and setting emergency triggers.

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