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Southeast Outfall Islais Creek Crossing - Emergency Bypass_edited_edited.jpg

Southeast Outfall Islais Creek Crossing - Emergency Bypass

Client: SFPUC Wastewater Enterprise / Construction Management Bureau


Service: Construction Management 


Staff: David Gillson & Tina Edwards

In 2018, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) issued a Declaration of Emergency in response to the discovery of a potential failure of the pipe that conveys the treated final effluent from the Southeast Treatment Plant (SEP) to the deep-water outfall located near Pier 80.  The failing section crosses the Islais Creek Channel in a depth of up to 30’ of water.  The project performed an emergency repair of the underwater pipeline, replacing a leaking 36” ductile iron pipeline with a new 48” HDPE pipeline.  JHCE provided specialized expertise in underwater/marine construction to the project, providing resident engineering, construction inspection, and office engineering services.

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