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Ngoc Ho

Project & Construction Contract Manager

Ngoc Ho is an award-winning Project and Construction Contract Manager, with nearly 10 years of experience. Currently, Ngoc is the Office Engineer for Phase 2 (North) of the Bay Corridor Transmission & Distribution (BCTD) Project, administering design/build contracts valued at $25 million; she also supplements her Administrator role at BCTD as a Field Contract Administrator. As an experienced negotiator and contract administrator, Ngoc has collectively saved Public Agency Clients nearly $1 million through her robust knowledge of the City & County of San Francisco’s code requirements, and her detailed scrutiny of contractor proposals to provide measurable results. Ngoc also displays exceptional project management skills, having managed 40+ small-to-mid-sized projects for various Public Agency Clients. Combined with her keen ability to stay on track with project time, budget & scope requirements, and a proven track record of delivering substantial Client cost savings, Ngoc is a vital team member on any construction project.

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