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Records Management Program Evaluation

Client: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission / Hetch Hetchy Water & Power


Service: Records & Information Management (RIM) Consulting

Staff: Ilona Koti

JHCE is providing consulting and staffing support for the planning and operation of the Records Management Program for Hetch Hetchy Water & Power which maintains over a million documents in the main archival system, as well as several document management repositories for content/working documents prior to archiving.  HHWP is also responsible for archival requirements related to NERC’s Critical Infrastructure Protection standards (CIP).  To date JHCE has completed a Discovery and Evaluation Assessment based on the ARMA Generally Accepted Record keeping Principles (“Principles”) Maturity Model Assessment.  The MMA establishes high-level gaps based on the overall effectiveness of HHWP’s current records program.  

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