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China Basin Park 

Client: Port of San Francisco


Service: Construction Management, Construction Inspection 

Staff: Ngoc Ho, Anthony Schweitzer

China Basin Park is a $27.4M 5-acre component of the Mission Rock mixed-use development project and will consist of an entry plaza from Third Street and the O’Doul Bridge, a promenade which connects the park to restaurants, shops, and cafes, a beach and tidal shelves located on the north and east side of the park, and a large plaza for socializing and casual dining.

JHCE is providing construction management support to the project, including resident engineering, construction project management, and construction inspections. To date, construction inspections have observed dewatering, excavation, lightweight fill (permeable LCC and geofoam), utilities (electrical, sewer, low pressure, separate fire service line, outfalls, isolated stormwater system, etc.), road, restrooms, food & beverage pavilion, landscaping, etc.  JHCE’s resident engineer has provided construction oversight, documented potential design and field changes, acted as liaison/point of contact between contractor and Owner, provided technical advice on construction, reviewed and approved submittals and RFIs, and reviewed pay applications. JHCE’s team ensures contract compliance with plans and specifications, oversees field activities, and monitors progress against construction schedules.

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