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Lonnie Essig

Power Generation Consultant

Lonnie Essig is a Power Generation Consultant with over 40 years of experience in hydro-electric and heavy construction. Lonnie has worked for the Department of Water Resources, Division of Engineering, Mechanical & Electrical Design Branch, State of California over the past two decades. As a Consultant, over the past 2+ years, Lonnie has completed the energization of a new pump storage facility, including the start-up of 2-21 megawatt pump-turbines for San Diego County Water Authority. He aided in planning the retrofit of 4 Kaplan Turbines and participated in the retrofit of 1-400 MW pump-turbine for Tennessee Valley Authority. Prior to consulting, Lonnie spent 13 years as a Supervising Engineer, Chief of Equipment & Materials Section. His management responsibilities included mechanical & electrical quality assurance, contract administration, and site management for suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to new construction, refurbishment and start-up. Lonnie has been responsible for or had involvement in contract development, scheduling, budgeting, design, manufacturing, contracting, installation, testing, remedial actions, performance testing and inspection of nearly all hydro-electric facility components. He also screened, processed, hired, and terminated engineers, skilled craft, and support staff. 

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