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Bashar Ishaq, PE, MBA, PMP

Electrical Engineer

Bashar Ishaq is an internationally established Electrical Engineer with 7+ years of hands-on experience in global industrial plant facilities. Bashar’s key areas of experience are power distribution design, project planning, and final commissioning in wastewater & petrochemical plants. His unique expertise includes electrical design for direct-on-line motors (400V–5.2kV) and VFD-controlled low-voltage motors (400V-690V), and features UPS as a key client for electrical design systems (30-60kVA) & low-voltage substations. Additionally, he specializes in developing multiple client-facing technical specifications for various types of electrical equipment, including substations, UPS systems & power panels. Bashar has also served as Assistant Project Engineer for a $25 million multi-disciplinary project, with primary responsibilities including managing cross-functional stakeholders, and leading the development of a needs assessment report with a team of engineers.

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